Full Guide of Smartphone Sensors – Everything you need to know about All Sensors

Did you know how many different kinds of sensors go inside a smartphone? What is the work of Sensor? What is the meaning of different kind of sensors. What is the uses of Sensor in Mobile? So in this post we are giving the Full guide of Smartphone sensors.

Full Guide of Smartphone Sensors

Accelerometer Sensor

Now You will see Accelerometer Sensor is available in almost all smartphone. but you don’t know about it. So what is Accelerometer Sensor? Technically says Accelerometer Sensor is measures the titling motion aur orientation of smartphone and simply says it measures the acceleration that the handset is experiencing relative to free fall. You have seen Auto Rotate option in Smartphone. This function is work with the help of Accelerometer Sensor. Accelerometer Sensor is also used by some apps to detect orientation of device and phone’s movements like shaking phone to change music or image.

Gyroscope Sensor

Gyroscope Sensor is an advanced version of Accelerometer Sensor. It also known as Gyro sensor. The gyroscope is a sensor that can provide exact orientation information like angel or degree of smartphone. The sensor is used to determine that how much a phone has been rotated and in which direction.

Gyroscope Sensor is used in Mobile camera for Panorama Mode, in this mode you can take picture of any place in full view. This sensor is also used for watching 360-degree video. So many games are run with the help of this function.

Magnetometer Sensor

Another sensor that most smartphones now have is the magnetometer. This sensor is work in smartphone as compass. it is able to detect magnetic fields. As a result, your phone always knows which way is North so it can auto rotate your digital maps depending on your physical orientation. Magnetometers sensor can be used as metal detectors they can detect only magnetic metals

Proximity sensor

A proximity sensor is a sensor able to detect the presence of nearby objects without any physical contact. which is comprised of an infrared LED and an IR light detector. It is placed near the earpiece of a phone, and for a good reason – when you place the handset up to your ear, the sensor lets the system know that you’re most probably in a call and that the screen has to be turned off. The sensor works by shining a beam of invisible to humans infrared light which is reflected from a nearby object and picked up by the IR detector. Proximity sensors can be also used to recognise air gestures and hover-manipulations.

Ambient Light Sensors

An ambient light sensor is mounted in mobile phones to automatically measure the amount of light in the environment and adjust screen brightness accordingly. In dim environments, the screen dims and in bright environments, the screen brightens. An ambient light sensor extends a phone’s battery life and makes viewing more comfortable. You have seen Auto Brightness function in almost all smartphone. This function is work with the help of Ambient light Sensor.

Barometer Sensor

Now Flagship smartphone have a built-in barometer. Barometer Sensor is a sensor that can measure atmospheric pressure. It also can improve smartphone maps a lot. A barometer in a mobile phone helps the GPS chip get a faster lock by delivering altitude data. This is especially useful for hikers or mountain climbers. The barometer can tell you how high up you are through 3D positioning. In some large shopping malls, people can even use the barometer for indoor navigation to save getting lost.

Thermometer Sensor

Thermometer sensor is a sensor that can measure the temperature. there are two types of Thermometer sensor is available in smartphone. First one will see in all smartphone which can measure the internal temperature of smartphone. like temperature of processor, battery or Body etc. They are used to monitor the temperature inside the device and its battery. If a component is detected to be overheating, the system shuts itself down to prevent damage The second type of sensor will see in some higher-end phones. It can measure the temperature of environment. This type of sensor you have seen in Samsung S4 and S5 devices.

Air Humidity sensor

Meaning of Humidity is the presence of water in air. This sensor can measure the humidity in environment. It is also used to for cast the weather. This type of sensor will see in Samsung galaxy series phone. The amount of water vapor in air can affect human comfort So, Data provided by that sensor was used in the S Health application to tell whether or not the user was in their “Comfort Zone” – one with optimal air temperature and humidity.

Pedometer Sensor

The pedometer is a sensor used for counting the number of steps that the user has taken. Such data is usually obtained by the device’s accelerometer, but a dedicated pedometer is a lot more accurate and power efficient. Now pedometers that use electronics and software to automatically determine how a person’s step varies. Distance traveled (by walking or any other means) can be measured directly by a GPS receiver. This sensor is also available in Fitness tracker and smartwatch. Many smartphone have built in pedometer sensor like Nexus5, Galaxy  S7 etc. Pedometers can be a motivation tool for people wanting to increase their physical activity.

Fingerprint sensor

Fingerprint Sensor is used to read fingerprints of a person and unlocks the device. Now most of smartphone have built in fingerprint sensor. Fingerprint scanner makes your smartphone more secured with fingerprint authentication. Which refers to the automated method of verifying a match between two human fingerprints. Fingerprints are one of many forms of bio-metrics used to identify individuals and verify their identity. Their are 3 types of Fingerprint scanner used in smartphone, Optical, Capacitive and Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. This sensor is available in Android and Apple smartphone. with the help of this smartphone you can lock you Apps and games. Fingerprint sensor is more secured than any other security in smartphone.

Heart Rate Sensor

Heart beat sensor is designed to give digital output of heart beat when a finger is placed on it. When the heart beat detector is working, the beat LED flashes in unison with each heart beat. This digital output can be connected to micro-controller directly to measure the Beats Per Minute (BPM) rate. It works on the principle of light modulation by blood flow through finger at each pulse. This sensor is available in Samsung note series  It also used in some smartwatch. If you track your health than Heart rate sensor is very useful for you.

Infrared Sensor (IR)

Infrared Sensor is also known as IR blaster or Remote sensor. Infrared Sensor is used to control some electric device with smartphone, like Television, Set-top box, AC, DVD player, Car audio player, Projector etc. with the help of this sensor you can use you smartphone as a remote control for some devices. Simply says IR sensor convert your smartphone to Universal Remote. This sensor is available in Samsung, LG, Lenovo, Huawei, LeEco, Xiaomi, HTC etc.

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Sensors are really useful in mobile phones. They make devices more functional and entertaining and will be able to do even more in the future.the list of sensor is surely to keep on growing. Think there’s a sensor that we’ve missed? Let us know down in the comments!

So Friends, I hope you will know everything about Smartphone Sensors and you have any question about any sensor of Mobile than you can leave comment below.

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