What is Mobile Processor?- Explain System on Chip(Soc) in Details

What is Mobile Processor? This is very important question for all smartphone user, So today we are talking about Smartphone processor. You will see a different processor in every smartphone, So common question of every smartphone user are How processor work? What is the quality of different processor? which processor is best for Android phone? How many types of processor available in smartphone market? So, that we are giving detailed explanation on performance, Clock Speed, Architecture, technology, number of cores and Frequency of Mobile processor.

What is Mobile Processor?

What is Mobile Processor?

Mobile processor is a CPU chip which is designed for Mobile device. It is typically housed in smaller chip package that’s why it also called as System on Chip (Soc). Mobile processor uses lower voltage and run cooler than CPU of Computer, They have more sleepy mode capability that enable section of the chip to be throttled down or turned off entirely when not in use.

In Simple language we can say it Mobile processor is brain of smartphone. The work of processor is do all the process which you are give to your phone. means All Apps and function of phone run with the help of processor. Processor can do all process with software and hardware. For understanding of processor work we are giving complete guide of processor in below.

Processor Guide:-

If you want to know about Mobile processor, you have to take care of 4 things. 1 Architecture of processor, 2. Built in technology of processor, 3 Cores of processor and 4 Frequency of processor. If you forgot any things of them then you can not estimate the performance of processor, So, any time you choose any processor then you can compare only 4 things about processor.

What is Architecture of processor?

If you want to know about Mobile processor then you first need to know about Architecture. Architecture is complete design of processor. In smartphone market only one company makes Architecture, which is ARM. ARM company develops the architecture and licenses it to other companies.  It also designs cores that implement this instruction set and licenses these designs to a number of companies that incorporate those core designs into their own products. The architecture of ARM is to be reinvent by every year.

For example :-
Cortex A-5, Cortex A-7, Cortex A-8,
Cortex A-11, Cortex A-15, Cortex A-53,
Cortex A-57, Cortex A-59, Cortex A-73

Year after year ARM changes his design on architecture, Now latest architecture is Cortex A-72 and Cortex A-73. So the processor have latest architecture that will be more powerful than older processor.

What is the Technology of processor?

If you want to know about Mobile processor then you have to know which technology is built on it. Processor manufacturer makes processors using nano technology. Millions of nano transistor Are engaged on processor. Now the size of nano transistor as small as previous than it would be more powerful.

 Company Size
Exynos (Samsung) 14 Nano meter
Qualacomm 16-20 Nano meter
 Mediatek 26 Nano meter


What is number of cores in Processor?

If you want to know about Mobile processor then you have to know How many cores available on it means number of cores in processor. For example- Dual core- 2 core, Quad core- 4 core, Hexa core- 6 core, Octa core- 8 core, Deca core -10 core. The more nuber of cores in processor will be more powerful processor But it must be the latest Architecture and technology.

Popular devices  and their processors

Octa-core:- Samsung Galaxy S 7 & 6 edge, Redmi Note-3 &4 any many more devices
Hexa-core:-  LG G4™
Quad-core:- DROID TURBO Motorola

What is Frequency(Ghz) of Processor?

If you want to know about processor then you have to know about it frequency. Processor can work on clock speed and that clock speed set on gigahertz. Which is known as frequency. GHz means 1 billion cycles per second and when you talk about 2.4 GHz processor, you usually mean that this is the maximum frequency of the clock to each core.

So, that which processor have high frequency it will be more powerful But it must be the latest Architecture, and technology and also depends on number of core.

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What is System on Chip(SoC)

A System on Chip (SOC) is a single chip or circuit that integrates multiple functionalities that are typically needed for a system into the single chip itself. This could include one or more processor cores, GPU, Image processor, Media processor, DSP(Digital Signal Processor), Cellular Modem unit, Wifi Module, Radio Module, GPS Module and few more components like this.

This all components are assemble in small chip that help device to makes small in size and gives smooth and fast performance and efficient battery life.

Now we are see that so many processor is available in android phone like Qualcomm, Mediatek, Exynos, Nvidia, Intel Atom, Kirin etc. So let’s little bit talk about it and quick compare with each other.

    1)      Qualcomm Snapdragon:-

Qualcomm Snapdragon makes 4 series processor for Android phone. List of series will be given below.

  1. 200 series processor for cheaper smartphone
  2. 400 series processor for middle range of smartphone
  3. 600 series processor for upper middle range of smartphone
  4. 800 series processor for flagship device smartphone.

Qualcomm is leading smartphone processor maker company in market. They uses the architecture of ARM, The 800 series processor of Qualcomm is most famous and best processor in current smartphone market. Qualcomm also developed the Quick charge technology for its processor. Qualcomm chipsets(SoC) have a CPU,GPU(Adreno Graphics), Image processor, Media processor, DSP(Digital Signal Processor), Cellular Modem unit, Wifi Module, Radio Module, GPS Module…etc. So that their chips are costly and quality of snapdragon possessor is very good among all other.

2) Mediatek

It is a Taiwanese company. It uses more cores on it’s processors. The mediatek chipsets are known to be more power draining and results in less battery life. Performance wise their processors are very good, Due to extra cores. But heating problem in there processor while performing heavy task. Mediatek uses Mali graphics which is a third party graphics vendor. Mediatek chipset cheaper than all other processor So that We can see Mediatek processor in Cheap and Middle range of smartphone.

 3) Intel Atom

Every one is know the Intel processors because they are dominant in the PC market. Intel Atom processor is initiative step taken by Intel into mobile segment. Intel processors are best in PC’s but when it comes to mobile they have faced one problem! It is poore Battery life. Performance wise it is good but little bit hitting on performing on heavy task. Intel use Power VGR and Mali graphics in their chipsets.

4) HiSilicon Kirin

HiSilicon Kirin chipset is developed by chines phone maker company Huawei. HiSilicon Kirin chipset uses latest generation Mali GPU, fastest ARM CPU cores and upgraded networking technology. latest Kirin 960 processor design on 16 Nano-meter technology with ARM Cortex A73 architecture. Kirin processor is optimized with battery life So You can see less heating problem in there. Overall HiSilicon Kirin chipset is very good processor in average uses.

After briefing all these things, Snapdragon is the clear winner on flagship device but if you talk about middle range than Mediatek is best choice on bases of price and performance. The best choice of processor depend upon your usage So, You can buy any smartphone as per you usage requirement as per our processor guide.

So Friends, I hope you will know everything about What is Mobile Processor? and you have any question about Mobile processor than you can leave comment below.

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